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The Biophotosynthesis series examines macro and micro textures found in natural formations, captured through various photographic techniques. Surface imagery is modeled and manipulated with computational tools, and materialized through hybridized emerging and traditional fabrication processes. The intention behind these studies is the development of a working methodology for the analysis of biological material systems, leading to the implementation of full-scale, performative architectural components. Contemporary architecture lacks the response to current environmental issues that might be expected from the performative nature of material. The enormous influence of architecture’s historical legacy shapes thinking around conventional materiality, limiting innovation. Natural forces surround us, exhibiting biological processes with performative characteristics, latent with inspiration and instructions for a sustainable future.

Coral0709 examines the surface texture of traditional UAE masonry units, historically hewn from harvested coral. The now extinct brick-making practice reveals the organism’s complex internal structure through planar sectioning. Investigation of natural, structural porosities pose a conceptual methodology for the development of lightweight masonry units. Internal cellular matrices might be further used to contain secondary materials with performative characteristics such as thermal insulation or pollution absorption.

biophotosynthesis::Coral0709 is a triptych consisting of a surface photograph, height-field formwork, and plaster tablet. The series documents the procedural reconstitution of a coral brick’s surface topography through emerging fabrication processes. The work was exhibited in Vibrations Within at Tashkeel Gallery, Dubai, UAE.